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Why More Homeowners are Choosing Hi-Tech Contractors

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First of all, what’s a hi-tech roofing contractor?

A licensed roofing professional is a skilled, knowledgeable technician who provides an essential service – that of keeping your home or commercial property protected from nature’s everyday assault of sun, rain, snow, hail, airborne objects, and little critters, such as, squirrels! 

Finding a good roofing contractor isn’t hard to do. It’s also not hard to a find a hi-tech contractor. That’s a contractor who uses the iRoofing mobile software for roof measurements, estimates, new roof simulations, inspections, integrated drone photography, customer presentations, and communications.

In most communities, you’ll find several roofing contractors – from large companies to small ones, well qualified to fulfill your roof repair or replacement needs. Whether it be metal roofing, concrete or clay tile roofing, slate, shake, or standard asphalt shingle roofing, there is likely a specialist in your area who has worked on other homes in your neighborhood. 


Accuracy, expediency, safety, social distancing…

The Reasons why Homeowners prefer Hi-Tech Roofers

  • iRoofing-equipped contractors are typically well-established businesses
  • Their operations run more accurately efficiently, aided by technology
  • They value on-the-job safety and use technology to reduce risky tasks
  • Hi-Tech Roofers avoid mistakes or omissions of roof parts in measurement reports
  • They can present measure and estimate to you via technology
  • They create job estimates quickly and accurately
  • Hi-Tech Roofing Pros know exactly how many materials are needed to get the job done
  • They can re-quote jobs on-the-fly when homeowners change their mind about materials or accessories
  • You’ll see your project details, roof photos and inspection reports in dynamic digital presentations 
  • There is a diminished risk in project delays due to underestimated material needs 
  • Hi-Tech Roofing Pros have direct digital communication with the distributors to avoid mistakes
  • With a picture of your house, Hi-Tech Roofers using iRoofing can simulate exactly how your new roof will look and compare materials and colors before you decide on anything
  • Hi-Tech contractors communicate with you regularly, thanks to iRoofing’s scheduling and follow up features, keeping you up-to-date through your roof replacement
  • With simple features that allow them to respond to homeowner needs quickly from anywhere and at any time respect, Hi-Tech contractors can respect your privacy and desire for social distancing
  • Their digital tools enable them to work with you remotely until it’s time to install your roof 

A growing number of roofing pros are going “hi-tech” in order to improve customer communication, reduce unnecessary overhead, bid more jobs and move jobs faster to completion, especially when expediency is key after severe weather events. iRoofing is a pioneer and confers the High-Tech Roofer® badge for roofing contractors who incorporate roofing technology into their business.

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